Jim Cohen Metals

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My work aims to balance the traditions and rituals logo: American Guild of Judaicof Judaism with contemporary design sensibilities. The images are representative of my work. They illustrate one off pieces as well as limited productions items.

You can now purchase the Travel Menorah/Sabbath Candlesticks and our Mezzuzot on-line.

A complete gallery/catalogue/store is available at my  new website, jimcohenjudaica.com.  The website provides acccess to my entire line of judaica

photo: B. Lemke



The Wall – Menorah
Sterling silver
7 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2”


A complete gallery and store is available at my  new website, jimcohenjudaica.comHavdalah setbuilding block KiddushCupTravel havdalah set12 Tribe Chalice Lily Cup Kiddush Cup 2003 Miriam cup Kiddush Cup 2004 Miriam and Elijah cups Wall 3 Menorah Menorah Travel Menorah Havdalah set Torah Crowns Yad Small  Candlesticks Lily Sabbath Candlesticks Copper Mezzuzot Travellers Menorah and Shabbat candlestickSeder Plate