Jim Cohen Metals

Whimsy - Aesthetic - Function


Studying history and law taught me the importance of the written word. Two of these collections deal with that.

The first, “Above the Fold: American Icons view the Iraqi War” juxtaposes the frontpage photograph from the New York Times with the Tiffany ad from that day’s edition of the New York Times. These works cover the period of the war, from the start of bombing to President Bush’s landing on the carrier.

The second collection, “Freedom’s Documents” consists of documents and literature from our past that have been converted to colored dots. While the patterns may be attractive, one should not forget or lose site of the underlying document and its import.

Finally, a third collection deals with images of everyday items and processes that have been manipulated to give new meaning to their role as part of our everyday existence.


Above The Fold 4/17/03
8.5" x 11"
Arches Text

Above the Fold - generals Above the Fold - Bagdad Emanciaption Proclamation Bill of Rights Everyday images